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Joaquin Sitte Ph.D (Uppsala, Sweden) SMIEEE

Retired academic ( since 2008 )

Recent roles

Research Areas
Autonomous Systems
Mobile Robotics
Computational Intelligence
Neural Network Hardware
"Cheap" Vision
Analogue VLSI
Configurable Computing
Parallel Computing
Design Methods

Founding Editor-in-Chief
Advances in Artificial Neural Systems

Adjunct Professor (2008 -2017)
Science and Engineering Faculty
Queensland University of Technology
Brisbane, Australia

 Guest Professor   (2010 - 2014)
Cognitronics and Sensor Systems
Cognitive Interaction Technology Excellence Centre,
University of Bielefeld,
Bielefeld, Germany

Notice board


Advances in Autonomous Mini Robots
Springer Verlag (2012) Read online

PLSOMLib home page
See demo and get code for the Parameterless SOM

FRobS Free Robot Simulator (download)
Release of the  QUT Educational Robot Simulator
for Squeak 3.7 (Smalltalk) Khepera version


+64 6 367 9778

+64 223264800 (mobile)